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QR Connecter

The Last QR Code You Need

The QR Connecter is our dynamic QR code that will be the last QR code you’ll ever need.

The QR Connecter is redirectable and can be updated at any time.

Have a special event coming up? Point your QRC to your event ticket page.

Want your social media post to get extra traffic? We can redirect your QRC visitors to your post, picture, or video.

Since your QR Connecter is redirectable, use it on your brochures, business cards, point-of-sale materials, even your banners and signs because it will always be up to date!

Free Doesn't Mean Free

Why pay for a QR Connecter when you can get a QR code for “free?”

Ask yourself: is anything really FREE?

The short answer is NO.

Sites that give you QR codes for “free” have to pay for their hosting, their software, their service … and if you are getting a code for free, someone is paying for it. And that person is YOU – with every scan, your personal information and the info of all the people who use that code on your behalf is getting their info harvested and sold.

The QR Connecter is not only redirectable, it’s PRIVATE. All your data and the data of the people who scan your code is kept on our servers and goes NOWHERE.

In short: we will never sell your data or the data of the people who use your QR Connecter to get to your site, My Digital Homepage, event page, or anywhere you direct it. PERIOD.


Your QR Connecter is one click away!

Standard QR Connecter pricing starts at:

  • $25/year for the basic QR Connecter.
  • $40/year for a customized QR Connecter with your logo

Improve your branding by having your logo added to your QR Connecter. Changing your logo? You can get a new QR Connecter with your new logo at no charge!

Order Your QR Connecter

Ready to get your QR Connecter? Fill out the form and we will invoice you for the QR Connecter you choose. Once that invoice is paid, you will have your custom QR Connecter within 24 hours.