Elementor #73

“Connecting small business with technology in an affordable way.”

Total Solutions AZ is a locally-based technology provider for small businesses that are starting out or looking to make their IT more efficient. 

We provide solutions for business cards and in-person networking, as well as your web presence and functionality of your online services. 

With over 20 years of technology and internet experience, we offer a variety of services to help boost your business.

Services Offered:

  • Redirectable QR Codes
  • Website Design
  • Online Menu and Ordering Systems
  • Web Hosting
  • Product Photography
  • Business Card Design
  • NFC Tap Cards
  • Technology Consultation
  • Logo Design
  • Professional Email
  • Video Editing
  • Menu Design
  • QR Codes
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Domain Name Registration
  • SSL Certificates
  • Social Media Influence Coaching

More Services Coming Soon!

You Don’t Have Just One Screwdriver, Do You?

Business cards are great – why not add to your toolkit? 

NFC tap cards show people you are ahead of the curve in technology and connectivity. In our contactless world, why not increase your answered call rate with a tap on the back of their phone. 

More products to come to help expand your connectivity!

Our Brands

Creating a web presence for your networking partners can be a challenge. Meet the solution: My Digital Homepage, a home for your contact information, downloadable VCF card, phone numbers, social media links, even a map of your location, and reviews from your past customers. 

Don’t waste your time with costly subscriptions or (worse yet) a bunch of “free” QR codes that could have broken links or puts your customer’s information onto an email list sold to spammers. With our QR Connecter, your QR codes can be customized and are always redirectable. This could be the last QR code you ever need!