My Digital Homepage

Welcome to the next greatest networking tool! Your My Digital Homepage is accessible through our NFC tap card which shows the world you are ahead of the power curve!

You can also personalize your page to show client reviews, introductory videos, photographs, even music samples, and opt-in pages for your events or mailing lists.

QR Connecter

How many broken or outdated QR codes are out there? What happens when you have your contact information on a QR code but you've changed companies or affiliations and that contact info is no longer correct?

QR Connecter allows you to redirect your QR code from your contact card, a special promotion, an event page, even your social media pages all from one code.

Use your QR Connecter on your sales materials, brochures, and business cards without ever having to worry about having the info incorrect or out of date.

Complete Home Cleaning AZ

Our lives are busy enough - have our teams come in and help with your home, whether it's a deep clean (to help you get your security deposit back) or to help out with the extra hand and touches you may miss because of the business of everyday life.

The average person spends 24 hours a month cleaning their home - what could you do if you had a whole other day in the month? What WOULD you do? Let us help you find out.

In a dirty world, we're here to help you keep clean!


Total Solutions AZ

We help you unleash the power of the internet and business consulting, all under one umbrella.

With our network of sales coaches, training professionals, branding experts, and bookkeepers, Total Solutions AZ can help you get your business registered, off the ground, host your website, create professional email addresses, even get your site secured so you can focus on growing your business. We even provide 24/7 phone support and personal assistance in getting everything set up.