Products and Offerings

All of our offerings and products are available for purchase in our online store, hosted by our site QR Connecter. Checkout is secured through SSL and your information will never be sold.

My Digital Homepage

Stand out at your next networking event or event with your information at your fingertips and ready to share!

Our My Digital Homepage is hosted on our private server and makes your contact information easily downloadable and accessible. With your information in your potential clients' phones, your answered call rate will increase because your name appears when you call, not WIRELESS CALLER.

NFC Contact Card

Complement your paper cards with our NFC Contact Cards. These cards tap onto any NFC-enabled device to quickly and easily access your Digital Homepage, helping you stand out at your next show or networking event.

NFC Contact cards are available plain or with your company's logo in full-color on the front. All My Digital Homepage products come with a QR Connecter custom QR code, which we put onto the back of these cards so you can still share your contact info even if the person doesn't have a newer device or if their NFC reader has stopped working.

NFC Tap Keyring

You may not always have your business cards with you - or worse, you have that one from 2 years ago that has traveled in your wallet and gotten softer corners than your pillow.

No more soggy corners with our leather keyring with embedded NFC! These keyrings allow you quick access to your My Digital Homepage that functions like our NFC Contact Card in a smaller size.

Never be without the ability to stand out when meeting people. We can even put your company logo onto the leather. Ask us about that today!

QR Connecter

The Last QR Code You'll Ever Need!

Why settle for a one-time use QR code where the web address may be forgotten or the link stops working?! Our QR Connecter is a dynamic QR code that can be updated in as little as 5 minutes with a new destination.

Imagine having only one QR code that can follow you on all your point-of-sale materials, brochures, business cards, even your email signatures and ads.

QR Connecter codes may cost you a few dollars a year, but those free QR codes may be selling your info to some questionable people. And you do not need to pay $10/month for just one or two codes.

Your information will never be sold and your QR Connecter can be redirected up to 6 times per year at no additional charge.

QR Connecter Sticker

Your QR Connecter can be so much more powerful than just linking to a website. You can get a QR Connecter with emergency information embedded in it - from medical conditions, drug allergies, even In-Case-of-Emergency contact information.

All for an affordable price!